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1st Bachelors’ Prize for Net-Literature

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Florian Cramer:

Honored mentions:

René Bauer: nic-las
Frank Klötgen: Endlose Liebe - Endless Love
Dirk Schröder: Macelib

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1st Bachelors’ Prize for Net-Literature:

What characterizes net-literature? The fact that is has to do with computers linked to the net, and that it can’t simply be transferred one-to-one onto paper, of course. And so "net" is the most significant, primary element of the compound.

So far, what has not been at the center of focus is the actual writing apparatus, the computer itself, the universal machine, and if one is to believe Dieter Daniels, a bachelors’ machine. Marcel Duchamp, inventor of the "Machine Celibataire" defined it in the succinct and cogent phrase "short-circuit on desire".

The 1st Bachelors’ Prize for Net-Literature is aimed at making the sterile bachelors’ machine fertile and is calling for entries in a productive net-literature competition. In accordance with the nature of the venture, participation is restricted to men.

Issues to be examined and possibly revised are:

  • the cliché of the hacker, without any contact to the opposite sex and hence in permanent "bachelor mode" (Daniels), sitting at his computer night after night, trying to penetrate strange systems.
  • the topos of the computer-obsessed man who has been dreaming ceaselessly of the machine as the perfect lover ever since E.T.A. Hoffmann’s tale "The Sandman".
  • the discriminatory claim that there is a male passion for frickeling around instead of producing art.
Interested women and Haecksen are advised to inform themselves of the relevant prizes sponsoring women and of scholarships for net-literature (Willemer Prize, "Die Höge" etc.).

The winning contribution will receive € 2000.00. In addition up to 3 "honored mentions" will be announced.

Conditions of participation

Participation is restricted to men.
The subject of the bachelors’ machine can be treated in the contribution but this is not obligatory for participation.
The contribution must be submitted at the latest by 30.09.05.
Only web addresses ( URLs) can be submitted.

Dr. Florian Höllerer (Literaturhaus Stuttgart)
Johannes Auer (artist and curator of Code - Interface - Concept, Stuttgart)
Dr. Friedrich W. Block (philologist, artist and curator of the Literary Foundation Brückner-Kühner, Kassel)
Dr. Beat Suter (philologist and editor of edition cyberfiction, Zürich)

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